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Inebooks by Genre


Inebooks covers as rich a territory as much as ordinary 'linear' fiction does. The list below lets you peruse our inebooks by genre.

- Adventure
- Humorous
- Detective
- Fantasy
- Childrens
- Classic Fiction


What are inebooks?

Inebooks take you beyond conventional passive reading to a new concept of interactive enjoyment. You become the hero of your favourite books, with a choice of multiple storylines that lead to a variety of different endings.
You are totally in command. If your first decision doesn’t work out, simply choose another until you have the most satisfying answer. You’ll soon become as creative as the authors themselves!
Inebooks are ideal for banishing boredom. Bring them out when you have a crowded commute, a boring meeting, a tedious wait or simply time to fill in.
We regularly add new titles, so why not bookmark this website to keep track of the latest releases?

About Interactive E Books

Interactive E Books is a privately owned company established in England in 2000. We released our first inebooks for Palm handhelds in December 2001. Since then we have added support for Pocket PC, grayscale versions for the Palm, Windows PC and most recently PalmOS 5.0 versions with improved graphics and sound. While we have improved the technology we have enhanced the content and range of of our library of inebooks as well.

We felt that there are plenty of games out there that require lightning reflexes, but as PDA owners we like to be able to relax when we are not working, and that means playing at our own pace. We decided to look at a format where the PDA provides extra features that cannot be achieved in a traditional book.

As we have moved forward some of our titles have incorporated more game like elements. To reflect this our sister site inegames was born.

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